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To all the nightwalkers, do you remember the teeth?*


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* In 2017, Dutch couple Jasper and Ronnie were walking home at around 4 am after a party in the central Dutch city of Arnhem when they were attacked by a gang yelling homophobic slurs. “We were never really the type to go hand in hand in public. You can get slurs and we don’t like that, but it was dark and late so we held each other’s hands,” Jasper told.

In police statements that followed, the police said that there were strong indications that the men were assaulted due to the sexual orientation. The victims also blamed homophobia. But after investigation, the Public Prosecutor was unable to determine that this was an anti-LGBTQ hate crime and charged the suspects with public violence.

Jasper said he escaped with scrapes and bruises, but Ronnie lost five teeth - broken off at the root - and had his upper lip ripped.

After 3 years, what have changed?
Do you remember the teeth?

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* Ronnie Sewratan-Vernes