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* Some projects never come to fruition. A few of those I want to present here to include as part of my research, showing my thought process. Among them are concepts, wild ideas, proposals for essays. – Falk Hübner

Michiel Terpelle

Also worth a visit:
Serina: A Natural History
of the World of Birds

* Imagine, if you will, a hypothotical world much like our own, but populated only by a very small sampling of creatures, which were then allowed to evolve entirely on their own for hundreds of millions of years until their ancestors resembled them barely at all. Now imagine if those colonists were highly specialized creatures, animals which would never have the means to exploit as many varied niches anywhere else due to competition from other animals. Imagine an entire world where the only land animal present is a canary - a world without reptiles, amphibians, or mammals. This is Serina - the world of birds.